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Investing in Leeds

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 Hi I'm Chris and living in France,

As an ex-pat, my old home in Cardiff has been let for about 20 years to students. However the local council recently changed the rules reclasiified by 3 bedroomed terrace house as an HMO and made it hard for ex-pats to get certified for HMO's and so I have been renting to an income support family for the past 2-3 years. My nephew has just started studying at Leeds University, so I've decided to sell in Cardiff and buy in Leeds. The council there seems friendlier with regard to the HMO licensing situation. Would appreciate any advice on students lets in Leeds, and setting up a let remotely from abroad.



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Oh that was 5 years ago. I bouhht a 6 bedroomed HMO in Headingley my nephew acted as locsl manager which was accepted and I had full occupancy for 3 years

 I have since been letting through local management which has been fine but the occupancy has not been as good but no surprise thete.

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