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So we currently live in South East in a Shared Ownership property owning 30% on £360k house. We have just come out of a 2 year fix rate to go onto a tracker(terrible rate as FTB so remortgaged - valued not changed so able to remortgage on £360k.) The reason for a tracker is that we are looking to staircase in January to increase to 45% once we have our finances in order. Once we have this we are looking to get a fix for 2 years then we will have saved enough to purchase a house in our own name of around the same value. However, listening to many podcasts and from research I am unsure about the 18 year property cycle as it falls around this timeframe of when we go to sell and buy. My question is to you.... I am not sure whether to invest the money to get more ownership in the house to get it to 45% but then be exposed to property price movements in the next couple years or save the money and stay on 30% ownership for a couple years. This way, the money won't be eroded - as much - if the market falls.

If we move onto 45% ownership our payments in total (including rent and mortgage) will be practically the same.

Your opinion on this would be much appreciated.

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