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Pension or property?

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based on what?

there are so many factors & variables, to how many folks that have or don't have works pensions,  private pensions, savings/ISA accounts, to those especially living week to week and/or have health issues.

was the sun piece tailored towards the middle class rich?

how many post age 66 have or need investment income or who in doing so want to risk that pot of pennies?

for seniors with a mortgage free property, should they consider taking out equity to use in retirement to using that equity to further invest in something? 

take a senior couple that are recently on state pension, maybe they each get £168.25/wk or £336.50/wk =  £17,498/yr, are either renting or are mortgage free. Are they richer than they think, above the sun piece minimum?

in the nanny state, worse case, a senior couple outside London will get the guaranteed minimum (pension credit) of £255.25/wk + housing benefit if they are renting, along with zero council tax payable.

can a retired senior couple with zero savings, zero pension pot, zero income tax, are they able to live/survive on the minimum guaranteed amount of £13, 273/yr?

are most seniors using their bus pass or still keep up the expense of a vehicle?

post age 66 state pension age, how many seniors are up to travelling & if they do - till what age?


based on the sun piece, me thinks one doesn't need a pension pot or investment properties - just basic living from what is (rightfully yours) available from the nanny state in state pension/pension credit or other add-on's, that'll put you somewhere between minimum to moderate lifestyle


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Based on taking out an annuity. How much do you need if you just stuff it in your mattress?

Another nonsense article on pensions. And if we need £47k after tax, that's a lot of BTL as well - maybe spending less than £100/month on clothes would help (does anyone really spend that much?)

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Guest Omar Khan

Pension is considered a safer bet but for how long will it last?With a property you can easily rent it out and gain some profits, sure the process maybe slower but it could be better in a long term basis

Real Estate is booming at the moment and I personally feel a property is better than a pension

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Guest Cyprian Njamma

Why not have both? The tax treatment of pension is so good that it would be a waste not to take advantage especially if your employer is also contributing.

Your contribution + your employer contribution + tax rebate gives you a decent start before allowing for financial markets. In a way you are getting free leverage.

property is also brilliant over the long term as you are exposure to a leverage, appreciating and inflation linked asset...

Always good to diversify anyway. 

That’s why I’m here and ready to learn from you all on the property bit. Thanks


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