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Hello everyone - I would love your advice.

We are in our mid 50's (right side of 55) and own our £250k home outright. It isn't our forever home but it's a slow flip. We will want to spend £50k but expect the value to go up by £75k+. We have 1 B2L (worth £215k) - with a 45% loan to value mortgage, but limited by the rent. Originally bought for late father to live in. This is in Leicestershire and whilst the returns aren't the best, the market rises steadily. We want to buy several (4 - 6) more B2L and possible flip along the way - growing our portfolio for the next 5 - 8 years, then consolidating to move to a forever home (but still have a couple of pension supplementing B2Ls).  We live in Pembrokeshire where property without a sea view is relatively cheap - £100 - 125k for £600 rent per month and we will look to buy local for ease.

We want to take some money out of the house we live in - to do works and as B2L deposit. I have been trying to use a major online broker (JC) but it's proved very slow, waiting for call backs, to the extent that one cracking interest only mortgage deal has been withdrawn, while the broker was on holiday. 

We would be interested in your broker recommendations and your views on our strategy. We know we aren't going to be property millionaires but are passionate about property and enjoy turning the worst house on the street, into the best. A hobby we hope to continue into retirement.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Good evening,

I apologise that nobody has attempted to assist.

I was in a similar situation a few years back, struggled to get any finance from normal high street brokers. After a lot of research I found a specialist BTL broker who offered numerous deals.

So I would recommend looking at the specialist BTL brokers and doing your research on them, then give it ago.

Sorry I can’t help much more but sounds like you have a good strategy.

Best wishes


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Hi Helen

I would love to write you a reply, but in this instance I'm happy to take a phone call.

I regularly post replies on here and my advice is free.



07957 959851

Whatever means you are most comfortable with.

Conrad Paton

+44 7957 959851




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