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Cracks in Ceiling - FiberGlass / GRP installation on loft room top

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We are getting reroofing done for a semi-detached house.

A Roofer is installing a GRP / Fibreglass roof ( previously felt )  on top an existing loft conversion room since yesterday.

I have just noticed a crack in the ceiling and it has started to worry me  -  Please see the images attached.

Is it something to worry about?   - If it is what are my options?

Many thanks.

Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 18.23.49.png

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Hi iPavwin,

Is the ceiling directly below the area that is being re-roofed?

Is the ceiling been there a while. I mean it doesnt look like a new ceiling.

To me, it doesnt look sinister. If below the area that your roofer is working on will explain the cracking.

I'm not to worried about it no.

Plasterboard ceilings are prone to cracking and if exposed to movement or stress can crack very easily, particularly if they are old.

Cracks in walls are much more demanding of investigation than ceilings.

Hope this puts your mind at rest...abit


Conrad Paton

+44 7957 959851




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Builder has likely disturbed existing ceiling - even accidentally dropping a tool in the wrong place can cause cracking. I would point out to roofer so he is aware regardless. Might be worth having the ceiling Re-skimmed when the builder has finished and left site. Would not worry too much.

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