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SAFETY ALERT! - Misleading “10 Year“ Fire Alarm Battery Life

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Hi guys,

I am writing to inform all other fellow landlords or agents/tenants of my recent experience and great concern with the “10 Year guarantee” battery life within the FireAngel ST-622 model Smoke Alarm. 
As a landlord of multiple rental properties I had purchased 4 of the ‘10 Year Thermoptek Smoke Alarm’ models and installed them within my properties to keep my tenants safe and to abide by the current laws in-place. 
I was horrified to discover on a recent inspection at one of my rental properties that after only 11 months (purchased 17/11/2018), two of the FireAngel ST-622 items did not work. In discovering this I informed another one of my tenants at a different property and asked if she could check the same alarms. She replied to inform me that both of the ST-622 models installed also did not work!!! For these items only 18 months had passed (purchased 09/04/2018). 
I have since removed the alarms and installed new, battery replaceable, alarms and contacted FireAngel directly with my concerns. 
Smoke Alarms should be tested regularly as we all know however I just wanted to post this information out to everyone to help inform others that this could be a risk in one of your properties should you have the same alarm. GET THEM TESTED ASAP! 
Thanks! :)


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They must have had some dodgy ones last year.

I had one fail (go off, false alarm) in the middle of the night last week. Installed last year. I had to demount it to turn it off.

Its on my desk waiting for me to complain about it. These used to be the go to smoke alarm but prehaps no longer? 

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This may not be an isolated case then



This article is from 2016 when they suspected 100,000 smoke alarm units to be faulty.

The Fire angel ST 623 was one of the models affected.


Conrad Paton

+44 7957 959851




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I have had some problems too - The manufacturer happily replaces them for free but as mentioned above, they must be tested regularly and tenants need to be told their lives maybe dependent on a smoke alarm so they need to take responsibility and report faulty ones.

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