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Residential to HMO advice

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Hi, I was hoping someone could help/ advise. Looking to convert my residential home in the midlands (3 bed end terrace, one bathroom, 2 reception rooms & kitchen) into a HMO and buy another property. I Could convert it into a 4 bed without doing much work by just converting from reception room. However, I also have a cellar I could convert if I installed a damp proof system. Can someone recommend how high the ceiling would need to be? It’s currently at about 1.8m. Also in terms of where the slump output would be it would have to go onto the street as it’s an end terrace (also would consider trying to install a small toilet and shower room if there was a way of doing that - how would I connect this to a drain if it was on the street and is it difficult to get permissions for that). Thanks in advance and would appreciate anyone’s experience/ opinions

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Hi richard,

Ceiling heights are governed by part M of the building regs. I believe off the top of my head ( no pun intended) 2m ceiling height at the base or top of a staircase is all that is required.

I would download part M and read it or ask your local council building control officer.

As for a WC or shower..


Is one way of doing it. 

Altering drain runs and modifying soil pipes is notifiable work under Part H of building regs, and you should at least ask or involve your local building control department before you carry out such work.

They may be interested in your cellar conversation as a whole anyway. Why not make an appointment to see your local building controller and see what he/she says. It's better to get them on side before you do any work  than risk upsetting them half way through your development.


Hope this helps


Conrad Paton

Conrad Paton

+44 7957 959851




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