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Jay Dove

Purple Bricks Property Management

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Hello All,

I am purchasing a BTL and I need to get a management company as the property is far away from where I live. I have done a bit of shopping around and purple bricks seems fairly reasonable price for the service they offer. 

I was just wondering if anyone on here has used them and what your experiences were? Good or bad 

Kind regards,


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I would be wary of an online agent. Visit the area and check out some local agencies in person. Take a list of questions and see how they respond.

Charges are important- but not the only important thing. You need an agent you can trust to do everything in your absence - I’m not sure PB are the answer.

Good luck :)

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Agree with Julia

You'd be best asking for recommendations, where abouts are you investing? There might be other hub members who invest there too who can point you in the right direction 

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I agree with Matt.

I've been investigating this too as the 'hands free' online' approach is appealing to me, however I've experience PB before as a seller and was put off by the service, especially their payment structure (forcing you to use their way overpriced conveyancing). The issue isn't so bad for me though as I'm only looking at properties within a 45 minute travel radius from my location. I can already see though that getting a 'trustworthy' LA will take a fair bit of time.

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I invest in Liverpool/Manchester and also view houses in Liverpool mainly for expat and investors down south but PB are the worst agent to view a house for and are regularly late or don’t even turn up for viewing appts which is so frustrating....


I know your looking for PB to manage your property and not sell it, but if one division of the business is bad it doesn’t bowed well for the other parts of the business...,

personally I’d look elsewhere...

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