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Hello gang.....

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My name is Nathan and after years of saying ‘I want to go into property’, I’m finally taking the steps to do it. My passion and desire to get into property can be traced all the way back to when I used to watch ‘Homes under the Hammer’ when I was “off school sick”. More sophisticatedly, I loved Grand Designs and my ultimate goal is to build my own home (beyond simply quitting the corporate world I currently work in).  


2019 has been a pretty bad for me and without going into too much detail, I now find myself a bit of a rudderless ship. I’m using this as a springboard to better myself and I’m now in process of working on my ‘Dreamline’, which I’m converting into a 2 year plan. My short-term goals that will be the core of my plan are to a) finish my CIMA accounting qualification (last exam set for May 2020) and have my first investment property by the time I’m 30 (September 2020).


In terms of experience to date, I’m a homeowner with sufficient equity to downsize and my plan is to move into my first project (horror stories on this welcome!). I’ve got a friend who is looking to go into business with me and we attended one of those ‘3-day training workshops’ (naively) thinking we would come away with sufficient knowledge to go and start our business. While we did learn something, we quickly realised it was a sales event. When they rejected our offer of % stake in our future profits for a number of years (cause their programme was such a sure fire way of making millions so why wouldn’t they back a couple of aspiring property investors), we realised it wasn’t what we thought it was and proceeded to make sure some of the people waving their credit cards around were fully aware what they were getting into! Needless to say we weren’t very popular by the end of the weekend.


I’m based in Burton-on-Trent, having moved up here for work 2 years ago (originally from Suffolk where property is a little more expensive). I plan to invest in this area to start with given the rent demand and price of property. I’m looking to attend a couple of the meet ups in the Midlands and maybe London before 2019 is out and beginning to get involved in the community.

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Hi Nathan

Welcome to the forum - and a huge hello from a fellow Homes Under The Hammer addict!

I could bore you all day with the horrors of living in a project. I massively missed the simple pleasure of walking around in bare feet and having clean hair that didn't contain brick/plaster dust! The woodworm discovery also wasn't pretty, but neither was the swarm of cluster flies that decided to descend and surround me as I was running a bath! 

All that being said, it's been a great experience and we're discussing the possibility of another now so clearly it's not put us off completely. Who knows what the future holds. If I could roll back a few years though, I'd seriously consider doing a plaster and tiling course... good ones are so hard to track down!

Please do pop down to a Meetup, they're fab events (although I'm probably a bit biased). It's a full night to chat property with likeminded individuals without the fear of being sold to. There's always a great mixed bag of new and experienced investors having a natter over a few drinks and lots of connections made. 

Keep us updated on your project - I love a transformation :) and good luck for the future. 


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