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Megan Farrow

What are your goals for 2020?

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If you're an avid listener of The Property Podcast and Ask Rob & Rob, or you've looked at all the resources on our website, you'll know that we're all about goal setting! 

Rob & Rob LOVE discussing this topic and can't stress enough how important it is to have goals to work towards. 

So now, we want to hear what your goals are for 2020. Plus, with your permission, we could be asking you to feature your goal strategy in an upcoming issue of our magazine. 

All's we need from you is to answer these three simple questions: 

  1. What are your property goals for 2020?

  2. How has goal-setting helped you achieve your property ambitions so far?

  3. What's your best tip for making sure you stick to your goals?

We look forward to hearing all about your goals and property journey.

Megan Farrow
Marketing Executive





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The 2 Robs have definitely assisted me with working on my goals. I had drifted a bit after uni, and cruised through working life. But now, with some structured objectives, it's been a lot more focussed and productive. 

1. Few property-related ones for me:

i) Purchase another BTL (most likely another 3-bedder but will keep exploring possible HMO) - stretch for two.
ii) Attend more property networking events - aim for 1 every 2 months
iii) Less than 10% voids across the property portfolio through good properties, quick maintenance and overall customer service.

2. Helped provide focus and something to work/plan towards. A 2019 property goal was to purchase a property that I could do a light refurb and rent out - currently in final stages of decorating and should be ready to let next week! Also, when I first started out, I wasn't a keen reader, but since picking up property and mindset books, I've made it a goal to read at least 1 book a month - almost up to 50 books now after two years. 

3. I have my goals / vision board printed out and stuck up on the cupboard door so I have to see it every morning if I want to get dressed!  Also, while it's good to have a goal, you need to have a plan/strategy to achieve it. As they say, 'a goal without a plan is just a dream'. So for example, if it's to purchase a house in 2020, you can break the plan down to save £X per month to get deposit £Y to purchase house priced at £Z, and visit 'n' number of properties in your desired area and speak to agents on a 'n' number of times in order to make 'n' number of offers. 

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