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Best party to vote for regarding buy to lets

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Hi All


I am looking at buying my second property next summer once all the turmoil of Brexit has died down.


My question is who is the best party to vote for ONLY for the sole purpose of buy to lets, other peoples opinions on other matters are none of anyone else's business nor mine this question is purely for the advise regarding who is best to vote for regarding my plans of buying a few properties for a pension in my later years.

Hopefully I haven't come across rude in my question :-)


Thank's for reading



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Whichever government we end up with, it boils down to the maths of tax, deficit and external influences. The less pressure on the system, the less likelihood of raised or extended taxes.  Independent bodies (CBI, etc) have been pretty consistent in how they believe the economy will react on leaving / staying, and what will add to the pressure to increase revenues.   

Whilst I don’t fully trust CBI etc, i find them more honest and at least as smart as our 650 muppets. 

But, why wait. Take advantage of the uncertainty ?  Just my 2-cents 

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Scotland is stable for time being with SNP predominant for now - their market is outside of my experience

Wales & Northern Ireland - Don't bother!

England - Going on publicity and what has been recently said:

  • Labour - Generally anti- PRS and appears to listen/ be persuaded by toxic pro-tenant groups like Generation Rent, Shelter and Momentum and all are currently espousing rent capping, extended tenancies with limited rights for eviction/ ending tenancies, landlord licensing and even tighter regulation
  • Conservative - As now - not great but better than above - more regulation under way to try and retain disaffected tenant vote
  • Lib-Dem = Labour Light - not too much published but closer to Labour than Conservative
  • Green - Heard rant from their launch which sounded like Labour + will try to enforce heavy duty to uber insulate/ greenify all rented property, cap all rents and reduce those deemed too much
  • Brexit Party - Who knows! are they aware that there are other issues when in government?!


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2 hours ago, haf1963 said:

best result is tactical voting and a hung parliment.. keep both ends of the extreme in check

I'd honestly never looked at it that way - sounds good to me though the more I think of it. At least it would offer a little more stability, it's not so much the market place as it'll always recover / balance out, it's more the legislation that could / couldn't be passed. Maybe a hung parliament really is the way to go?

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