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How can I find landlords for serviced accomodation?

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I am really interested in the serviced accomodation strategy 

I have one question. Can anyone provide advice on how to source/contact potential landlords who would be willing to work with me by using their property as a serviced accomodation? I don't own a property so this would be key for me. I'm struggling to find an answer for this online so hopefully you can help.



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Hi Paul,

I've never been involved in Serviced Accommodation (SA) but I know people in London that do.


Create website and branding..email address etc etc.

Tell everybody you know what you are planning to do. 

Advertise your services in local newspapers, shop windows, car or van decals etc etc. 

Connect with estate agents dealing in sales, property sourcers and investment deal packagers. Help these people make the deal happen by offering your services to their clients.

Connect with other SA providers outside of your area. They may have existing clients that they are unwilling to help due to location but you could help them.

Go to property meet ups, or similar, and network at events where investors mingle.

Check out the auction catalogues for suitable SA properties. Go to the block viewings and chat to potential purchasers. Go to the auctions. Approach the buyers of these after they have signed for their purchase and offer your services. Approach the people that were outbid aswell.

Think and act like a tenant. Find suitable properties for your SA business. Download the title register for £3. Invest in a stamp and contact the owners of these properties and offer your services.

Remember..one investor can have multiple rooms in multiple properties. One investor may know of another investor...blah blah...

I hope this list helps and maybe inspired you to create some more ideas of your own?



Conrad Paton

+44 7957 959851




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