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jaimie kerr

Online Accountant Costs

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Hello all, 

I am curious how much an average fee for an online accountant is ? 

I have had a bit of a look around online and am seeing anything from 60pcm, to 140pcm. 

For background I am looking for an accountant to set up an SPV and manage the ongoing accounts. I have yet to purchase my first Buy-To-Let and will be looking to add one additional per year going forward. 

thank you very much for the help everyone :) 

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Hi @jaimie kerr and @pipiandme

Quick question - when you say you're looking for an online accountant, are you looking for someone to do your property books using online/cloud accounting software, e.g. like Xero or Quickbooks, or are you simply looking for an accountant to do your year end accounts?

I invest through a limited company and I have just set up my accounts on Xero, so I can tell you a bit more about that if it's of interest.  For the first couple of years, my accountant just did my books using Excel spreadsheets, and I decided to move things on to Xero when my portfolio grew a little bit bigger, around four properties.

Feel free to message me if you want to discuss a bit more.

Best wishes



Robert Heaton

Greenwich Bookkeeping | www.greenwichbookkeeping.co.uk

Author of "Essential Property Investment Calculations" - Available on Amazon


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