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Council Tax - Single Person Discount?

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I've bought a second property to move into whilst my main property is being renovated. I have some work to do on the second proerty before it's habitable and I'm still waiting for planning permission on my first property so it may be a few months before I actually move. In the meantime, it seems I must pay 100% council tax on both properties whether they're habitable or not and I wondered if it's possible to simply say that my wife will remain in our first home until we're ready to move and I will stay in the second home - that way, I should be able to claim a 25% single-person discount on both properties' council tax - does that sound reasonable? I may well be spending many nights at the second home in order to get it ready anyway.

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Hi phykell


Kind of explains it.

You have to claim the relief or discount, it's not automatic. Therefore it's at the discretion of your local authority.

What sounds reasonable to the people on a public forum may not sound reasonable to the people that create the bill.

Hope this helps (a bit)

Conrad Paton

Conrad Paton

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Thanks - it seems then that I'd need to move into the property, etc. I've already ensured that the bills go to the property and I'm able to stay overnight which helps with the decorating, etc. As such, I think it's fair to say that I'm living in the property which means I should be able to claim single-person discount on both my original property and my second one. 

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