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Buying a second residential property through my BTL company?

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Hey everyone. 

I'm new to the forum but have heard great things from other folk. 

So I have a residential property where I currently stay and I have a company with 2 BTL flats. 


I now need to move out of my current residential, buy another one, but keep my existing residential for my parents. I'm trying to understand who should purchase my second residential property, as I plan to stay in it for a few years then convert it to a BTL, when we move to another bigger place in the future. We have the dreaded 4% extra stamp duty up here in Scotland which really sucks. 

My plan was for me to to buy the new second residential in me and my wife's name but we are both high rate tax payers and when we switch it to a BTL in a few years, we will get taxed heavily on the income. 

If I sell it to my company in a few years time, the company will be hit with the 4% I think. 

So do you recommend that I buy the new residential in my Ltd company,  if I plan to rent it out in the near future anyway? And if this is the case, do I need to rent it off my company? 

My accountant is not the best and actually recommended I ask on this forum for any tips lol! 


Thanks in advance for anyone taking the time to reply :)

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On 11/16/2019 at 10:05 PM, gstraw said:

My accountant is not the best and actually recommended I ask on this forum for any tips lol! 

Best quote I've ever seen on the Hub ^^ 

Hi gstraw,

When I stop smiling...I'd love to try and help you out :)

You have not mentioned if you have any lending or intend to have any lending secured on any or all of these properties?

As far as I'm aware you personally cannot rent your own SPV limited companies properties from them, as the lenders dont like it. It is agaisnt the lenders criterias.

If you have paid cash...then that is a decision/agreement between you and your limited company.

Hope this helps...but we need a little more detail

Conrad Paton

Conrad Paton

+44 7957 959851




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thanks for the reply. I managed to get some more advice and yes, the tax wouldnt work out well in this case as i will be lending on this property. My Mortage advisor said that i need to get a BTL so I need 25% deposit which is too expensive for the properties im currently looking at.



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