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Long-term loan by loss-making property company

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My property company has a long-term loan with rolled up interest from a 2nd company  where I am also a director (apart from me, the other shareholders/directors of each company are different. I am a 75% shareholder of the lending company and 50% shareholder of the borrowing property company).

The property company that has borrowed the money, which has one other director, has to pay the loan back next year but has taken a substantial loss on a particular property development. The only creditor left apart from myself is this loan to the other company. Question - As I have guaranteed the loan should I pay it direct to the loan company, or through the loss-making property company so we can look at winding it up? I will of course lose my money in the property company. I query this as I do not want the payment to appear to be a credit to my directors loan account to the loan company when its instead for paying off the loan for the loss-making company.  
Secondly, once the loan is paid there will be a loss to me, so is it better for the property company to be left dormant for now or to voluntary liquidate or strike-off, bit confused. Can anyone advise?
With thanks

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