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Auction property legal pack

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Hi all, please can someone advise approx how much shall I expect to pay to a solicitor for reading a legal pack before auction? 

I am going to auction for the first time so slightly nervous if I missed anything or something which I don’t understand there which solicitor can pick.

I have called couple of solicitors for quote and they are quoting £2500+ 

I don’t want to pay this hefty fees if in case I don’t win the auction.

Can anyone suggest something or if anyone can help that would be really great.



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Yes a couple of hundred is about right but they will not ge giving you any guarantees given that the legal pack is more than likley going to be missing things. Its very rare for a property to come to auction if everything about it is 100% tip-top shape. Mine does it for free as i have used him to buy a few properties but i tend to review most of it myself and he has a quick-ish scan to see if he can spot anything obvious.

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Thank you all for your replies.

I have finally seen the property from inside and it seems project is quite big and would be difficult for me to handle at this early stage. But definitely I have learnt a lot in the process and still looking for a reasonable solicitor nearby  for future deals.

thanks again. Rashi

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