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Leaseholder Rights in tower block - lifts switched off!!

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I own a flat 2 bed flat in a tower block with 15 floors. I rent my flat out as a single let. The current management company has been at war with a company who have battled and won the right to take over management at the end of December. Many of the leaseholders have withheld fees due to poor conditions. I have paid all up todate. In a effort to force leaseholders to pay the management company have taken the lifts out of service on 2 occasions on the request if the freeholder. Where do I stand. My previous tenant on the 15th floor has left due to this action. My current tenant is already threatening to leave as he was unable to move his furniture in due to the lift being out of order. The lift engineers will not attend the block as the management company will not pay. 
Where do I stand as I have paid for services that are not forthcoming. 

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Read your lease first. Check who is responsible for maintenance of the lifts.

If freeholder, you threaten and then take the freeholder to 1st tier tribunal for failing to maintain the property in accordance with the terms and conditions of your lease.

Search....leasehold advisory service. Government 'approved' website/department that deals with this and other issues.

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