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Megan Farrow

Who should property investors vote for in the general election?

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This week on The Property Podcast Rob & Rob are discussing the upcoming general election. 

They've reviewed the manifestos from each party and have pieced together why you may want to consider voting for each party, from an investors point of view. 

If you've not yet listened to it, you can do here or, you can find us on Spotify. 

But we're keen to know what your thoughts are on the manifestos? Have you changed your mind on who you're considering to vote for? 

Let us know in the comments below. 

Megan Farrow
Marketing Executive





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I might have missed it, but the most significant issue with Labour's manifesto is that they will be taxing other income the same way as one's salary income.  This means that the benefits of having a company structure largely falls away, since you will be double-taxed (corporation tax and income tax at the same level as if the company does not exist).  Assuming one is in the 40% income bracket, it means that with a company structure, one would have to pay 66% in tax under Labour's policies.

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