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I agree with you that Instagram is one of the largest social platforms that exists at the moment. Billions of people use it every day, and the opportunities to advertise or do business on Instagram are extremely high. Many stores that sell products, cosmetics, clothes have already partially or totally passed on Instagram. It is a chance to increase your sales, regardless of the type of activity. I know people who make thousands of dollars with the help of Instagram, but of course, they have hundreds of thousands of followers and likes. I would like to reach such a level. Do any of you know how to get likes on instagram? I would like some advice from you.

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On 12/13/2019 at 5:34 PM, lee northrop said:

Hey guys, just thinking it would be great to connect with you all on instagram. Its a much bigger platform now with great content posted constantly from some very experienced investors

Anyway my username is unsurprisingly:


Connect and I will follow 

Just followed you

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I am very active on Instagram.  I didnt have a clue at the start (and still don't) but I simply post what we do in the various businesses every single day and people seem to like it.  I have around 750 followers now which considering all I post is pictures of houses being smashed up and put back together amazes me! lol...  My social feeds are in my signature so feel free to say hello on any of the platforms.








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