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Hi - from Manchester!

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Hi - I'm Jack, although lots of people know me as Brum - whatever you prefer is best!

I have been to a meet up in Manchester and thought that this would help plug the void between contact at events - and enable me to access a number of other people who could help me in my property journey. I found my way here through the podcasts, which I have listened to religiously for a good while now, and made my way through the back catalogue in my long drives up and down the country... this is the first forum I have been a part of so I dont know the manners, so apologies if I make mistakes, just let me know and I'm happy to play by the rules.

What you've done in property so far

  • Helped a few renovation projects for friends and family
  • Owned my own house for a number of years and let a room out

What areas you invest in (or want to invest in)

  • Looking in the north around established hubs Manchester/Liverpool/Sheffield/Hull/Leeds/York
  • A mix of simple BTL's on houses or Apartments - potentially also looking at LHA to begin with to help with cashflow

What your plans are for the future

  • I'm in it as a retirement investment strategy alongside a few other investments
  • Ideally I want to get my cashflow to a level matching my expenses, continue to work and then develop into capital growth markets over 15/20 years
  • I am interested in flipping and also plan on doing some of this if the property is suitable

Any skills or knowledge you've got that other members might benefit from

  • I have been in commercial insurance as a senior manager/executive for a number of years and I'm an expert in insurance across a number of industry sectors
  • I am from the Midlands and have good local knowledge of the area - in particular Walsall Wood/Sutton Coldfield/Litchfield
  • I have lived in Manchester for 5 years and have good knowledge of Northeast Manchester near the Etihad/Failsworth/Moston/Ancoats
  • I have a number of reliable tradespeople in my network
  • I phave a netwrok with access to mobile cranes/skips and other machinary in Lancashire

Hope to get the chance to catch up with more people soon



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