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Crash or correction in 18 months??

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Hi All,

I listened to today's podcast and thought it was interesting to hear Rob say that he believes there will be a crash or correction to the property market in the next 18months!

This does not follow the 18 yr property cycle theory. What are people's thoughts on this???

Should we hold back on investing  further at the end of the year? 



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Considering they have been saying we are in the 'mid cycle wobble phase and the 'explosive' phase is next. It's a big statement to then say a crash will happen in 18 months. Whilst it's his opinion, I do find it odd the comment was made without any reason given...

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Before you panic or over think this one, the simple answer is that you've misheard what he said :) (it's around 11/12 minutes in to the podcast if you want to double check) 

He predicts there will be a stock market crash or correction, not a crash/correction in the property market. 


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