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giles s

Setting up a ltd company

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I’ve read lots about the pros and cons of investing through a ltd company, I’ve decided this is the right set up for my goals.

My question is about physically setting up the company (not benefits of). Do I literally just go onto companies house and fill in a form? Is there info I should have to hand in order to do this? What are the codes to use to make sure it’s seen as an SPV rather than a standard ltd company (if there is a difference)?

After this is set up, Will I need a business bank account or can I use an already existing personal one (specifically for this). 

Finally once I’ve set these up do I just transfer some money in, record it, tell the accountant then take it back at a later stage as a directors loan?

thanks in advance


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The easiest way to set up a company is using an online platform or a formation agent. Companies Made Simple or Your Company Formations are easy to use.

You should preferably use a business bank account (try Starling or Tide) and there can be issues where you use personal accounts (even dedicated ones) as a bank account for a limited company.

You can subscribe for share capital or lend in to a company and which one is best depends on the likely investments and your long term goals. Good luck!



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Hi @giles s

I hope you are well.  You'll need to pick a SIC code when you set the company up.  The SIC code I use for my limited company is "68209 - Other letting and operating of own or leased real estate".  I use my limited company for plain vanilla buy-to-let investment, not property flips.

You can check out my limited company on the companies house page here if you like:


You should set up the company first and then apply to open a business bank account.  My bank account is set up with HSBC, and it was fairly easy to set up.  They have a good bank feed that you can integrate with accounting software like Xero too.  I also have a Starling account too for another business I own, and the Starling account was super easy to set up and was do-able all online.

When it comes to making your first investment, you can transfer money straight into the company bank account as a Directors' Loan, use that money to invest, and then withdraw it whenever you like.  There's no tax charge on the withdrawals from the company, provided you don't charge interest to the company on the loan.

Happy to have a call with you to talk through how I set my company up, if that's at all helpful to you.  Feel free to drop me a message.

I hope this is helpful.  All the best with your future property endeavours.

Best regards


Robert Heaton

Greenwich Bookkeeping | www.greenwichbookkeeping.co.uk

Author of "Essential Property Investment Calculations" - Available on Amazon


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