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Change of use - house to 3 flats

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Hello guys and gals,

I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this.

I have the opportunity to purchase a property which could be divided into three separate flats over three floors. Two of them would be 2 bedroom flats the third on the top floor would be a 1 bedroom flat.

Has anyone been through the process before? Would be great to see what obstacles others had to overcome including building regs etc etc. 

thanks in advance and Speak soon,


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We recently finished a conversion of a commercial premises into three separate flats.

The main issues that we came across were:

- With each dwelling being required to be built to new-build standards, the regulations around acoustic separation  were stringent. Internal wall depths had to be increased and false ceilings put in position. The walls/ceilings between dwellings were required to provide both acoustic and fire separation, meaning we had to double up high density plasterboard in many places where you would normally just use standard plasterboard. All floors had to be lifted to fit acoustic insulation between floors, etc. In the end we passed the acoustic testing comfortably but there was a definite cost involved with the extra materials and labour. The acoustic testing isn't done until the end of the build, so other people might suggest saving a bit of money, cutting a few corners and hoping for the best come test day; but without doubt the most expensive situation would be to have a completed building which fails the acoustic test and needs finished floors ripped up or ceilings redone to meet regs.


- You also need to consider how the services (mains water, gas, electricity) will be separated as they go to each new dwelling and the how each of the suppliers will try and squeeze some cash out of you for separating their supplies. 


- Being over 3 floors, one of the biggest considerations you have to consider at the current stage is how to meet Fire regs. This has the potential to break your project, depending on how far you have to take the works. Certainly you have to consider fire doors and escape routes, replacing windows for escape windows, and if your unfortunate you may have to fit automatic smoke extractors/vents which start to cost £££.

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