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Grandfather Rights on HMO for Sale Query...


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Hi All,

I'm looking at purchasing a HMO which has the following note in the description;

  • In article 4 area but has grandfather rights. Council are happy to give a license for 5 bed HMO

  • Formerly 2 flats and a smaller HMO, due to grandfather rights no planning permission was necessary to convert to 5 bed HMO

If i were to buy this property would the grandfather rights be transferable to me as the new owner or would they end and i potentially may need to seek planning permission for the 5 bed HMO?

Any help and advise much appreciated.


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I am not 100% sure but I think the grandfather rights will apply to the property as opposed to the owner of the property at any given time. A quick call to the local council should help to clarify and possibly your solicitor too. Post back and let us know how the call went. Hope this helps, thanks Matt

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Don't always rely on a license to justify planning is OK. Two different council departments that don't speak to each other. if you are getting lending you have to prove to the lender through your solicitor, that it's been operating continuously as an HMO since A4 came in.  That can be difficult and is down to the vendor to provide that to you.

Regards Simon

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