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Hello everyone!! 

I am 25 and have recently quit my job to flip property full time. My fiance has a well paying job so is happy to support us in the mean time. We have a family investor who has offered us £200,000, though this doesn't go a long way as we are in the South East. 

My biggest problem is confidence. I have found what i believe is a very promising property but am struggling to find the guts to do it. Any advice on confidence (or anything flip related) would be amazing!!

Thank you :) 

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Have you got any skills and or contacts in the refurb space as the key to cussess is a reliable set oif people who will get the work done on tie and at a decent price. Assuming you ar enot going to do it all yourself. Secondly what degree of work are you prepared to do as the more value you add, the better the margin. A cosmetic flip is very different to a extension/loft-conversion.

I assume you have worked out all the numbers factoring in tax/stamp-duty etc

Exciting times so good luck

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Thank you both! I am looking to do most if not all of the work myself. At the moment it is looking to be mainly cosmetic flips, perhaps in the future with more experience it will become more structural also. 

I have worked out all of the numbers that I believe are applicable:)

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