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Newbie in property development - looking for advice on part exchange on custom builds

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Hi everyone. My first time on any kind of forum like this, so not sure exactly how it works!

I have just started a new job and a complete career change working alongside a property development manager who helps landowners develop new homes. A new avenue the company is taking is to start managing custom builds, where we would plan and develop the project from start to finish, on a fully serviced plot of land. 

There are a few points I need to learn on, one of which being funding for custom builds. I understand that the (eventual) homeowner can get a specialist self/custom build mortgage. However, is there such a thing as a company (be it a house builder, investor, or something similar) who will part exchange your current house, as a partial loan?

Let's say the current house is worth £70k, and we need £150k for the custom build project. We part-ex the current house and get £150k in return, but only actually borrow £80k, because the rest is in the house. Am I making sense?

Would I be right in thinking that you could only do this if you owned the house outright, and not if you still had a mortgage on it?

The other option could be releasing the equity in your current property to fund the custom build project. Does anybody have any advice on how that would look?

The other area which I am interested in is the serviced plots themselves. How much preparation work does the landowner do on the plot before selling it? I understand that all utilities and access to a highway is provided - but will a physical boundary be in place, such as fencing? Is there a physical, structured driveway? Or is it literally, just a plot of land, plus the utilities?

Please forgive my naivety, it is an area I have next to no knowledge in so I'm taking baby steps to learn what I can! 

Thank you in advance for any advice you can give.

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