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Mixed private / rented accomodation

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I'd be interested if hubbers have any experience or advice on this...

I'm an expat living overseas for most of the year, but spend some time in London. I have had enough of hotels and would like to buy a flat to stay in when I am over. But I would also like to rent the flat out when I am not there through a professional company. Longer term, I would like to keep the flat possibly for sole personal use or to give to my kids.  At the moment I would only need the flat for around 30 days a year. Clearly the yield in London is not strong, but this does not need to be a money spinner. 

I have a small property portfolio (mainly outside London) which is run through a Ltd company. 

Question is whether I should buy the new flat through the property company or whether I should buy privately as a (second) home or as a holiday let. 

I'm only at the start of researching this and will ultimately take professional advice, but it would be great to hear of any similar experiences/advice!

Cheers all!

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