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Hoping to buy my first investment soon!

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Hi all,

I'm hoping to buy my first investment property in the next couple of months.  I'm recently divorced and need to build up my pension pot.  I've done so much reading and watched all the videos and listened to all the podcasts - I now just need to give myself the push towards actually buying a property.  I have decided on Nottingham for my first property so if anyone has any tips and hints for the area that would be great.  

Very much looking forward to the journey!


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Hi Penny,

I am looking into Nottingham as an investment area too. I'm actually going to have a look and do some exploring there this week.

Are you local to Nottingham? I'm from Essex so a bit of a trek to get there but more affordable than locally.

Good luck!!


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Hi both,

I am also currently thinking of investing in Nottingham.  It always seems to crop up when I research places to invest.

I am in the South West and while I do already have a rental property (accidentally as I went to work overseas) I am now looking to invest on a more serious basis through an ltd company and build a portfolio as quickly as possible.

I would be really interested to know what you are looking for from your investments and if there are any specific areas you think worth looking at.



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I have also recently divorced and I am from Essex!

I am in the early stages of considering buy to let.   My early impressions is that there is considerably more risk now than perhaps any other time in recent history.  More regulation, less tax relief, very high property prices (lower yields and more risk of capital erosion) plus interest rates can realistically only go higher from here, not that I am expecting any near time hike!

However I think there are still opportunities.  Buying the correct property and doing your market research is more critical than ever IMO.  Need to identify run down properties in the right area (for me somewhere with a large student population) do it up and convert to HMO, as that is where the best yields appear to be right now.

My daughter is at University of Nottingham and I was considering buying a place there.  Her house that she and 4 others are renting from Sept  is worth around 200K and they are paying in total close to 25k!

However my focus is now switching very much to Liverpool (not because I am Liverpool fan!) as property is still cheap and rents are good.  Liverpool has 6 postcodes in the top 15 countrywide in term of highest rental yields.   The city has and continues to be regenerated including the proposed £5Bn Liverpool Waters Scheme (see below).  Also HS2, I appreciate this is some years away but none the less its shouldn't be forgotten.  If you examine some of house price data on Liverpool over the last 25 years, you will find that prices in Liverpool have lagged massively and overall are barely changed since the financial crash. There is much to be optimistic about Liverpool and the possibility of a rise in house price over the next couple of decades. Prices have already started to pick up - see this is money article.

I am new this, these are just my thoughts happy to have hear from fellow fans of Liverpool (not football) and also contrarians!







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