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Where are all those pages on PropertyHub?

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Whenever I try to open links mentioned in the propertyhub magazine, very often, I end up with smiling Rob&Rob. In August 2019 magazine they mentioned Propertyhub.net/services/mortgages in the article and when I tried to open up the link his website (as well as many others) seems be taken off. The same story is with podcast show notes. Am I going mad here or is PropertyHub taking off their websites before they're even released? Perhaps I don't know where to look?




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Hi Wookash

I'll try and help here as best as I can.

When we launched Property Hub Mortgages, we were inundated with enquiries.

While we dealt with these, we implemented a wait-list, which again, grew and grew. So, we made the decision to close it for the time being so we could make sure clients were getting the attention they deserved. 

We may well open this up again in the future but this is where we are right now. 

Do you want to let me know what other pages you feel are missing as we don't make a habit of removing pages, particularly with shownotes. There may also be time sensitive links we include in the magazine (for example, for particular events) which will obviously be pulled down once that particular event is over.

Feel free to pop us an email with anything in particular you're looking for and we'll point you in the right direction: hello@propertyhub.net 

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