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Yep me too but can't find any reviews or anyone that is using them. Website looks professional and although its £89 a month, looking at threads that's not far off what an account would cost but without all the advantages you get from their App. Anyone? 

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Hi @dangough

I hope you are well.  I just saw your reply to the post above.  I'm happy to have a chat about your options, if that's helpful.  Feel free to message me and we could set up a time to have a short call.

I hope that's helpful.

All the best




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Hi everyone,

Thanks for bringing this up!

Provestor is a relatively new company (we started trading at the end of last year) and therefore we do not currently have any independent reviews that I can point you to. However we do have a sister company called inniAccounts, a contractor accountancy firm, which has been trading since 2008.

Provestor was originally formed as we found a lot of our contracting clients at inniAccounts had spare funds that they wanted to invest in property through a limited company. The team supporting Provestor is exactly the same team that supports inniAccounts, providing exactly the same level of service. Independent reviews can be found here on TrustPilot (https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/www.inniaccounts.co.uk).

I hope this helps.


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