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mike westwood

Acceptable Wear & Tear

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Hi All,

Could i have some advice on what acceptable wear and tear is?

My tenant is moving out after 2.3 years and the walls are a right mess. They have a dog which i allowed, see photos at this link below which i took this week. The walls were brand new when they moved in.

Stupidly when doing the inventory when they moved in i only took photos and had them sign the current issues where there were marks etc, i did not take photo's of the whole house which was fine.

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I would say it is wear and tear but they clearly have not taken reasonable efforts to look after the place. Does your own home look like this? I doubt it.  

Did you have any conditions for them to adhere to in letting them have a dog? 

I don't think it is acceptable so would be expecting some contribution to repairs. 

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Looking at your pictures I would be charging!

I would expect to redecorate very 5 years - if you have to do it early because of the tenant then you can charge - but perhaps not the full amount as you would not expect the walls to be perfect after over 2 years.

As long as your inventory states the walls were in good condition not having photos should not be a problem.

I would provide a clear breakdown of what you are charging and why (ie cost of paint; time etc) showing the reduction for normal wear and tear. When it is clear to see the charges it is easier to accept the total than when there is just a total figure.

Looks to me like you have reasonable grounds for cleaning costs too!

I do my own cleaning & painting & I charge £20 per hour for my time + costs of paint. Make a deduction for wear and tear on painting, perhaps 50% but not on cleaning - they should have left that bath mould free!

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Thank you both for your input, so on my inventory which was signed i provided detail of each room and the damage that already existed. Photos were taken and provided as evidence, so anything above this is classed as new damage and i will take them through the same list on check out.

I do plan on doing my own painting but not the cleaning so i will take account for that.



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