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What kind of refurbs add value to a house?

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What kind of refurbishment increases the value of a house?

I'm asking because I was going to buy a house that appeared to be in good condition and ready to be moved into.  I was purchasing it for rental yield - to put tenants into immediately. 

Then I found out that the house has a damp problem. It needs sub-floor installation installed, a French drain, it probably has rotten timber under the carpets and tiled areas and the walls need membrane to be inserted into them and replastering and redecorating.  The nice kitchen units will probably have to be pulled out to do work on the walls. 

I guess this work would take months and cost £5,000+, right?

I'm also guessing that having this work done is not going to increase the value of the house, is this right?


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Either get the cost of the repairs off the price or buy something else!

Refurbs that increase the value of a house (which is basically sound!):

Quality kitchen / bathroom

Quality redecoration / carpets

Decent heating system

Addition of living space / parking space

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That's a great infographic... Generally, phyical changes have a material impact on value. Things that are hidden, generally don't increase value. Unless of course its a change to the legal interest. 

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