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I have plenty cash and looking to invest it into property. What is the best way i can invest this cash?

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From an investment option perspective, start with a standard BTL.

You'll learn a lot along the way, maybe even make a few mistakes. I feel a BTL is the safest option enabling that "win". With this under your belt, then look at other strategies if you have any in mind with the remaining funds.

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Hello Khizer

I am in a similar position.

I am absorbing as much property information as I can, reading books, listening to podcast and sifting through different forums. I have been doing this for the last couple months and I feel much more confident going ahead.

Some recommendations I have are:

Property Investment For Beginners by Rob Dix

100 Property Tips by The property Hub

How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Property Tribe Forum is also great.

On YouTube I recommend First Four Houses by Tony Law

The Property Hub Podcast and free online courses they have on this website.

Good Luck with it.

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