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Land Acquisition

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Does any one have any advice on acquiring land attached to multiple leaseholds? (to clarify its about 3 sqm)

ie finding out who the freehold owner is and best way to approach leaseholders for amendments to their lease? What would be reasonable to offer them as an incentive?


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Hi Jayha,

Start with the freeholder's registered title and plan, contact them and see if you can get a copy of the lease and lease plan.

If not you may need all the title registers and plans of all the leaseholders to gauge how many parties have rights/ownership of this land.

Work out exactly who has what rights over this land before stirring up the pot and writing to leaseholders in the initial stage.

Depending on the wording of the lease, I would contact a specialist leasehold solicitor to give you an idea of legal costs before you do anything else.

You may have to alter 4 lease plans, 4 title plans, amend or create a new register and plan for the 3sq m plot and the conveyancing charge for this. These costs will not be insignificant.

Plus factor in the time for surveyors and notices to go out and this transaction will not be swift.

Remember also there may be 3 mortgage companies involved aswell.

I hope this little plot is going to be worth this grief?



Conrad Paton

+44 7957 959851




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Hi Conrad

Thank you for your reply. We bought an odd size plot with our house a few years back leaving us with a triangle shape for a back garden. The space beyond our garden I am looking at would square this off nicely. 

Having been round to that side this morning to repair a fence panel, I've seen that it is being used as a dumping ground for old car parts, used nappies  and the like. The wild shrubbery that was there has been left to do its own thing and not at all maintained by the leaseholders.

Id imagine that if the leaseholders chose to ignore any sort or correspondence then I would not have a leg to stand on?.





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