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This is my first post apart from my introduction and am looking for advice as I'm struggling with completing and monitoring my property goals and tasks as I'm quite time poor.

Briefly, as it stands I currently have 4 BTL properties  all in South Wales that I bought over a period of around 13 years with no specific strategy or goal in mind. And am currently in the process of buying my first HMO.

Since listening to the Property Hub podcast, reading some books and completing some further property education, I have decided on a specific strategy going forward in line with my goals.

I have decided on my bigger picture, set my long term goals and sub goals but am really struggling recording these somewhere and then setting, completing, monitoring and recording my monthly, weekly and daily tasks towards accomplishing these goals.

I would like some advice on how others have recorded and monitored their goals and tasks to ensure completion and organizing my time better. I've tried writing tasks in a notebook, using to do lists in Asana and an e-calendar but it hasn't worked, and may try an Excel sheet next.

If anyone has found successful system that they would be happy to share or a template they could upload then that would be great. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks.

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Hi Rob

If you're still looking for ideas, happy to share my one (use PowerPoint). If so, PM me your email and I can email it across. 

Personal Blog: https://abcdad.co.uk
Property Spreadsheet and Deal Analyser: https://abcdad.co.uk/property-spreadsheet
Looking to read some Property books? https://abcdad.co.uk/books/property-books
Follow on Instagram: @abc.dad

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I used to use an alternative to Excel - Google tables. Their convenience lies in the fact that I can access them from absolutely any device that has Internet access, since all the tables are stored on my Google Drive, and there is even a separate application for smartphones.

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