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Hi all - nice to meet you via the forum. I’m Whitney and I’m based on London. 

I have 10 months left of my maternity leave and now have the opportunity dedicate time to put together a long term strategy on starting a limited company in property business.

A bit of context:

Seven years ago a relative asked for advise on how to get young professionals (like myself) interested in their rental property. On visiting, I advise him to renovate the property so it would appeal to his desired tenant. Surprisingly he asked me to run the project and then fill it with tenants. Six months later, after a slash of paint and adding in some new furniture, the property was filled and he was getting an increase of £800 a month.  
Since then I have continued to mange the property /tenants, I have fluffed and buffed two other rental properties (based on his recommendation) and currently working on another relatives rental property. 
All properties have been able to increase either rental income or the property values (one it has been both - it’s currently being valued at £475k).

I realised about a year and a half ago that I have a bit of a knack for this and want to look into doing it for myself (as well as for others). So now I have some free time, I am very interested in setting up a Limited Company offers multiple services (starting with fluff and buff projects for landlords looking to increase their rental income or property value). However, the mid to long term goal own a portfolio investments/property alongside - mostly including renovations and developments to either sell or rent out.

I would love some advise about how to start?, what I should be doing to build my network? And opinions on if this even do able in the current market? Or any opportunities to work with others.

In a nut sell:

How do you want to work in property? 
Offer a renovations service to landlords looking to increase value, with an aim my own property to fluff & buff so it can be sold or rented.

How much do I have to invest? 
£2,500 - over five years experience of small renovations, finding and managing tenants and overall project management. 

What time to do I have? 
Currently twiddling my thumbs. However, back to work beginning of next year. I enjoy my demanding job, as an Event organiser within the music industry, so I am looking to use my property skills as an extra income for now.

Plan for the next 3 years? 
To have a minimum of 2 buy-to-lets and a minimum of 3 fluff and buffs completed. Again really enjoy my job so interested in working collaboratively or working on projects that offer a quick turn around financial and time wise.

I look forward to reading other threads on the forum. Please get in touch - I am open to advice, opinions and opportunities to work with others. 

Kind regards 

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Hi Whitney,

Welcome! Sounds like a good and interesting plan you have put together.

The Ltd company route is something I have taken too.

I am assuming that you will want to invest in your BTL's OUTSIDE of London, simply due to the prices. Is that correct? If so, do you still plan to renovate these yourself?



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Hi Onkar

Nice to connect and thanks for your feedback - glad you think it’s a good idea.

How did you find the process of setting up the Limited Company, and does you company do?

Sadly not in a financial position to explore London properties (even at auction) at the mo so would definitely be starting outside of London. Which actually I think may be smarter than having BTL’s in London.

Thanks again


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Hi I started my own Ltd company buying apartments in Manchester city centre and a couple in liverpool city centre. I began back in 2016 and now have 9 in total. Two are under my own name and the remainder in a limited co. Try looking at these two cities as they have great potential. I have been managing all the manchester properties since I purchased them and the two in liverpool I gave to an agent. I managed all the properties from London where I was living for the past 5 years. Great idea to start doing the managing and uplift of the flats best of luck!

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