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Estate agent contract

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I was due to put my house on the market a couple of weeks ago, but when I called the estate agent she told me that the house next door to me ( same house but a former rental property) had just gone on the market for £20k less than my advised asking price for a quick sale. She therefore advised that I hold off for a bit. Someone has been to view next door but didn't want it (parking issue) and the estate agent has phoned to say they'd like to look at mine which I'm happy about. If these people are interested, how does this work in regards to the estate agent contract? I haven't signed a contract and the house isn't on the market. Would I still have to pay the full estate agent fee even though they haven't done any photos or advertising?


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You need to ask the question now. Given that the agent hasn't marketed the property you should be able to negotiate a deal lower than their usual rate. But I would certainly get this sorted before you let the prospective buyer round.

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6 hours ago, julia urquhart said:

Given that the agent hasn't marketed the property

Well, to be fair, she has. Otherwise the prospective viewer would have no idea that this property was possibly coming to the market.

If an agent can sell your property for your asking price without advertising or taking photos, are they a good or bad agent?

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