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Landlord but not professional


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Hi all,

New to Property hub but I’m really liking what I have seen so far. A quick introduction to myself:

My wife and I are now Starting our second year of being landlord’s. 

In 2017/18 we remortgaged our current home to release the spare equity we had, giving us enough for deposits on 2 X 3bed terraced properties approx £100k each. Giving us a good rental return but at the expense of having a poorer capital gain. 

Over the last year I’ve been doing some research and reading a lot of books on the subject. I’ve had my eyes opened, I am currently at the stage of trying to ascertain what ‘my goal’ is. I’m really interested in HMO with a longer term view to becoming a full time landlord with the option  possibly refurb and flip a few properties in the process. 
My skill set lends itself to refurbishment, building etc and my current role has developed Project management skills. 

My problem now is impatience and not having that much in the way of capital just yet. 

john H



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