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Hi there!

Just wanted to know whether we are missing something obvious!? Or if someone else is asking this same question?  

With BTL mortgage borrowing rates at 3.4% in a Limited Company, how is leveraging favourable inside a Ltd company?  

Compared to 1.4% rates on a personal BTL mortgage?

Mortgage rates are significantly different (higher) for Ltd Companies so affects the ability to build a portfolio with basic leveraging?

Any insight / thoughts / strategies / lender recommendations would be fabulous!

Thank you 


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I'm certainly not an expert but I guess it depends on what your strategy is and whether you are a higher rate tax payer.


The interest rates are more for LTD companies but the tax efficiencies can far outweigh the extra you pay, I.e. you may be an extra £1k per annum on mortgages but then save 3 to 4 times that on tax. 


You would be best off speaking to your accountant and tell them your strategy so they can provide tax advice then you'll know which is better for you, buying in your own name or buying through a LTD.

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