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Mortgage broker needed

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Hi, it is carlo here from south london.

I am new to property hub and still getting my head around on how much is out there.

I am also new to property investment/trading. 

Now, i have a house and quite a bit of equity built with it.

I need a independent mortgage broker to provide some scenario on my situation so that i can plan my property investment. The aim is to have the broker on board for ongoing investment when all kicks off

Thank you


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Good morning @carlo

I am a Mortgage Consultant for Private Finance, who are a directly authorised brokerage firm with access to all of the lenders in the marketplace. We specialise in complex property finance (Buy to Let, Portfolio Landlords, Short-term Finance, etc.) and regularly work with individuals in a similar position to yourself.

I would be happy to arrange an initial discussion to see where you are at the moment, where you would like to be in the future and how we can help you get there. Please do let me know if you would like to arrange a conversation.

Thank you for your time and please feel free to direct message me.

Best regards

Nathan Cole


Nathan Cole CII (MP)

Mortgage Consultant at Private Finance

Office: +44 (0)1743 211 855

Email: nathan.cole@privatefinance.co.uk

Website: www.privatefinance.co.uk


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