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Hi everyone i'm turning 18 in a few months and looking to get on to the property ladder (based in Nottingham, so looking to invest here). I'll be looking to get a residential mortgage and rent out one of the rooms on spareroom to help pay the mortgage, and hopefully will be able to benefit from capital gains that i will be able to pull out in a few years once i'm 21, which i can use towards a BTL mortgage. 

Would appreciate anyones thoughts on this and if its even possible (I will be earning £18k a year when im 18), as well as any recommendations for a mortgage broker that could help me out here.

Many thanks 

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Id just have a chat with a few mortgage brokers both locally and nationally and just get a feel for who seems professional, knowledgeable and approacheable and see who you like.

FTB mortgages are relatively simple and anyone in the industry is going to have the means to match you to the cheapest lender, and the advice should be broadly similair from most.

What you really want to find is someone who works in a way you like, do you want them to be dynamic or fastidious, educate you or just get on with it, old school or tech savvy?

043_logo_final_03.png.0cdf828351f81e6097208048ac2d018d.pngStuart Phillips

Independent, Whole of Market Mortgage Broker & BTL Specialist

AALTO Mortgages Ltd

Web  www.aaltomortgages.com

Email  sales@aaltomortgages.com

Call  020 7183 1101

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