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shen shen

HMO license fire risk assessment?

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Local council wants me to contact a local fire advocate to get a full fire risk assessment.

I am not sure what the council mean? Is this a type of contractor similar to say qualified electricians?

Also, do I have to have portable appliance test certificate, fire alarm test certificate and emergency lighting test certificate before I continue with fire risk assessment?

Should I go to a electricians for above certificates?

Could anybody recommend good contractors in Spalding area?

The property is a seven bedrooms detached bungalow.

Thank you

Shen Shen

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Hi Shen Shen

Assuming it's Spalding in Lincolnshire? If so, here's the council's fire safety page for HMOs - https://www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/business-fire-safety/fire-safety-hmos/1

It refers you to firesafe.org.uk where the 2nd paragraph takes you to the FRA guide.

Given the size of your property, might be easier to hire someone to complete it for you given its importance. I don't have any recommendations, but if you have a local agent managing the property for you, they might have someone they can refer. 

I believe you can arrange the FRA separately from the other tests as the FRA tends to check things like emergency escape routes, potential hazards, fire equipment and signage etc. The other tests your electrician can do and certify. 

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