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£250K to invest: buy two properties or one?


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I would like to invest in property and I have £250K to spend. Should I buy two properties or one? I thought two may be better to:

* allow an income even if one isn't rented yet or there are problems.
* less risk if the property was ruined by bad tenants.
*If I buy in two areas I may smooth out any sharp rise or fall in the increase (or decrease) in value of properties in a certain area.

I live abroad and will have the property/ies fully managed so I was thinking one property would be better:

* to lessen start-up and paperwork fees - I assume they'd double as there's two flats.

I intend to buy in Scotland. I'm not sure if there are tax implications with buying two properties instead of one? I have been in touch with a property management company but they were unable to advise me on this matter.

Any insights very welcome!



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Hi Charlotte,

I hope you are well and keeping same during this time!

To fully answer your question it would be good to know the desired outcome of your investment. Is solely to increase cash flow, or provide some cash flow and benefit from capital growth? I think it would then be a matter of researching to see if one or two properties in the areas you have been looking would fulfil this criteria.

I wouldn’t let additional paperwork and start up fees deter you from a second property if the second property really fits your criteria and considerably helps you achieve your goal, as the cost of the paperwork fees etc would be heavily outweighed by your investment goal being achieved!

I can have a look into the tax implications of buying more than one property in Scotland as I was speaking to a company about something similar in Scotland the other day.

It would be great if you could drop me an email at smapropertygroup@gmail.com and I can follow up on any of the tax advice I receive back, also it would be good to see if there is any way I could help source some properties that would suit your criteria! 

Many thanks




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