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Isolation- online property course

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Hi there 

I have been told to self isolate for 13 weeks as I have severe asthma. 

I'm looking for some info on online property courses. Obviously the content on here is great but I'd like to have one single course that covers alot of information for beginners.  Ideally with  certification.

I have seen a few but would just like some advice. I'm in a Scotland so would prefer one that covers Scottish law etc but I understand that may be more difficult to find. 

Thanks in advance and stay safe 

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Hi and welcome.

Property is a very large subject to study which is why most people do a bit of general reading or listening to allow them to work out what property subject appeals most to them. I'm a Scottish, self managing landlord and have learnt everything I need from books and podcasts. I know there are Scottish based landlord or letting agent courses but maybe you'd be more interested in property sourcing.

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