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Landlord 'forgot' to charge for buildings insurance

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Hi all, newbie here :)

I'm hoping for some advice which I would be really grateful for. 

I have been living in my flat for 5 years, always paid my ground rent and service charges. I have always assumed my service charges include my portion of the buildings insurance. I have requested the schedule of insurance each year to be sure it is in place for my own sanity, which the freeholder has always provided.

I am now selling my flat, and I requested the latest buildings insurance schedule from the freeholder company. They have now realised that after 5 years they have 'forgotten' to charge all owners their portion of the insurance. They have now sent me a bill of £897 to cover the past 5 years of buildings insurance. 

Obviously it's quite a sum for me and I'm uncomfortable to pay for previous years. What are your thoughts on this and are there any rights I can exercise?

Any help appreciated!



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Hi Rishi-p

service charge accounts should be completed in reasonable time after the end of the service charge period / financial year. I would recommend looking at https://www.lease-advice.org/advice-guide/service-charges-other-issues/ section 4.1 of the link will be of particular interest as it states that demands must be made within 18 months which may enable you to avoid a proportion of the bill.

They also have an advice line where they could advise on your specific situation and they are an independent body, I am not qualified to give advice but it looks like the guys are.

hope this helps


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