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Can't find where I got this Property Hub Spreadsheet from, can anyone help?

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I've been using a Property Comparison Spreadsheet that I got somewhere on Property Hub - one of the Rob's own spreadsheets that they shared. I've been trying to find it to download it again so that I have a blank one as a template, but I can't find it anywhere. Can anybody help me to find it?

I'm copying and pasting the title row of it below, this is what it looks like:


Address Link Purchase price Rob Dix: Calculated as 1/4 of purchase price - you can adjust this calculationDeposit Rob Dix: All the costs of buying the property and getting it let. You might want to include: Legal fees and searches Broker fee Stamp duty Refurb costs Refurb + Fees + Furnishings Cash invested Lettable units Rob Dix: Should exclude bills, because bills aren't accoutned for elsewhere on this spreadsheet.Monthly rent per unit Rob Dix: Calculated as rent per room x number of rooms. Override by typing in your own figure if you're doing a single letMonthly rent Annual income Gross yield Mortgage % Rob Dix: If your agent charges VAT, add this to the percentage they charge you. E.g. 10% + VAT = 20%Management % Repairs contingency % Service charge and ground rent (annual) Insurance (annual) Annual profit Monthly profit Net Yield Return on Cash Invested

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On 4/14/2020 at 11:12 AM, MarkC said:

I have a copy, PM me your email and ill send it over. I cant attach a excel file on here.


Hi @MarkC, can I have a copy as well please. I will pm you. Thanks. 

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