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BTL Flat insurance

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I typically buy a minimal contents insuracne policy on BTL flat, just to get the public liability. The cost of these seems to be climbing, mainly because the min amount of cover seem to be going up.


So with a flat where I supply lampshades, carpets, curtain and cooker (the building is covered by the FH).


Are there any companies who do just LL liability insurance?


I am thinking abotu £50 should do it.


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Hi Chris


Only found this thread but hopefully I the reply will make sense/help.


For the liability side, you are best to get a Landlord Contents policy. A minimal policy like what you describe should cost between £50-£100 depending on postcode etc. If you find prices going up, try www.thepropertyinsurer.co.uk as we have three providers that you can price compare and prices are low.

Jason McClean

The Property Insurer







The Property Insurer has one aim only – to be the leading specialist price comparison insurance website in the UK, providing the very best and most appropriate property insurance cover at the keenest price.


That’s our aim and we are not a big conglomerate that has hungry shareholders, we are a small company that is taking a long term sustainable approach to business that we think is responsible and will work for everyone we deal with, whether broker, insurer or customer.
Not being a conglomerate is a good thing for us all as we do not have huge overheads or costs to cover – that means lower cost of insurance for you.
Any comments or suggestions are gratefully received, please send to Jason@thepropertyinsurer.co.uk. Jason is a Director so when you get through to him, you can be sure you are speaking with someone who wants to listen and will do so very carefully.
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Hello Chris,

I have hunted high and low to try and get this standalone cover and failed - as Jason says its always seems to be sold with something else ie Buildings or contents. I would say most of the block policy buildings insurance that comes with the management charge has this cover - so request the details from your manangement company if you have one - you may get a nice suprise !

If you do happen to find stand alone public liability please share the details - thanks


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I don't really trust my MA to insure the building let alone anything else, there is no way I would risk being liable for millions on anything the clown says.


For instance at one point the cover excluded people on benefits, now supposing I lived in the flat and was on benefits would that be fair, as it was as they know I rent the flat out, they said I should get a better class of tenants.



I suppose that is my special circumstance, for others, say those who have done RTM, yes that may make sense.

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By coincidence I have just got my copy of Januarys certificate!


In the liability section it says the cover is for the named individual and explicitly states that the tenant is not covered. This is Allianz, I imagine it is pretty standard.


The freeholder is the only name on the cert.

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