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Need Advice on Employment

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I’d say go for it if you can negotiate good terms and the end client is financially stable. Guess you have to weigh up how secure your current role is and what your options would be if it all went pear shaped. We all have to expect tough times so not an easy decision.





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Dude, despite the crisis, if you are a programmer, then you will definitely find a job anywhere, in any country and at any time. This is very accurate information :)
There are also a lot of vacancies on linked in. My father worked as a web developer for a long time and he soon found a job at LinkedIn. The problem was that he could not find his colleagues for recommendations and then I used examples and tips from https://www.linkedjetpack.com/linkedin-secrets/best-linkedin-recommendation-samples/ and prepared great recommendations for him on behalf of his colleagues.

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To find a job in your category you'll need to establish a research strategy, there are a number of specialized job boards where you can find your next job. Sort through the sites that suit you.If possible, also make a list of companies you want to work for. Then, you can take it to the next level by tailoring your CVs to the job openings you are applying for. Also, you can create a job alert to receive only job offers that are likely to interest you.

And also stay abreast of new developments in the job market, you can subscribe to trade publications to keep up to date with the latest trends in the job market. Subscribing to the Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter pages of the companies that you covet can be paying. Today, many companies post their posts on social media.

To get employment in Nigeria, you need to apply through a recruitment application portal like topnigerianjobs.com, the website post daily jobs and recruitment openings for various government agencies in Nigeria like CBN, FRSC, Npower, NNPC, Nigeria police force, Nigerian army, Nigerian navy and other trending recruitment application in Nigeria.
You can also find various career advice on this website, which will go a long way to help you in your career search.

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