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Electrical rewire - what does this involve?

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Hello everyone,

When people say a property needs an electrical rewire- what does this involve? Is it very disruptive, like having to go back to brick? Is a property suitable to live in whilst it has a rewire?

Any input would be really appreciated!

Thanks, Sam

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Hi Sam,


Completely depends!


Is it liveable whilst ongoing - sort of, is it practical and ideal - no. There will be mess, there's no doubt about that.

In terms of disruption, it completely depends. If you're having sockets in new places etc... then it will be disruptive as you'll more than likely need to chase out. This will then involve patching or even replastering then decorating so it does turn into a hefty job. 


But a rewire is a rewire, they happen all the time. You or whoever will get through it, but if you've the option to stay somewhere else for a week or 3, from my personal opinion and experience snap their hand of!


Hope this helps,

Adam :-) 

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Hello sam,

the re wire is the complete replacement of old non compliant wiring and associated consumer unit (fuse board) and sockets, lighting etc. The old wiring will rise up from the consumer unit and will be in the void between the floors. The most invasive works are to get to these wires and damage to the walls.

I stayed in the house whilst ours took place but admittedly it was a pain as the floor boards on the landing and the upstairs bedrooms all had to be lifted to allow access to the cables. We did this by shutting off a room per day.

also the chasing out of the block work is invasive and causes a lot of dust. It took a couple of weeks but it would have been quicker if I was out the house. If this is an option I would do as Adam says and stay elsewhere. The good thing with a rewire is that you can decide where the sockets, switches, lights and any additional items are positioned. Can really help with the practicality of the house.

if you have good plastering throughout the house and are not thinking of replasteting, you will probably require a patcher for a couple of days for the chasing and also for around sockets, switches etc.

as I mentioned it helped massively with practicality and also future proofing with high level tv sockets and usb sockets in the kitchen and main bedroom.

good luck with it all.The mess will be worth it.





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Hi Sam, if it’s helpful in anyway, I live in the midlands and have just been quoted £4000 for the full rewire  of a 3 bedroom end of terrace house. First quote I have had so far, but thought it might give you an idea if potential cost. Would be interest to hear what others think in terms of price of £4000 for a 3 bed rewrite as well???  Seems a little on the high side to me! Thanks Matt 

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Hello matt,

my 3 bed semi Detached last year was £3500 including material so not too far away from yours, but enough wriggle room for quotes. Mine was through someone I trust though as I just left him the key for the house whilst I was at work which made it easier and quicker, yours could involve more or maybe certain items are more expensive now. My electrician said work it out at £1000-1200 per bedroom.

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I said last week, should have been last year

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That’s using the bedrooms as a guide for the full house- 3 bed- £3000 for full house, 4 bed- £4000 for full house, sorry it was a poor explanation

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If you are on a tight budget and reasonable with DIY then you can do a lot o fthe work yourself and halve the cost. An electrician is too expensive a resource to be doing the time consuming but manual work like chasing walls, pulling up floorboards etc so i fthe house is 'prepped' and the electrician just needs to come in to do the wiring/connections/fusebox then that will save a chunk of money.

Obviously you need to know what you are doing and at least grasp the basics of electrical circuits but perfectly possible. I paid 1k by doing much of the work myself on my last 3 bed and I am not recommneding this method but an option in some cases for sure

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1 hour ago, samarnold91 said:

Thank you guys for all your input! If a surveyor found that a property was in need of a rewire - could this possibly be negotiated off the asking price of the property?

A surveyor will nearly always say that the electrical system may not be to current regulations (regulations change all the time). Surveyors tend to just sit on the fence and advise having a qualified electrician look at it so I wouldn't rely on the surveyors comments.

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